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Console output counts wrong


When running tests, the console output has a wrong total number of tests.
Tests complete: 113 of 115
Tests complete: 114 of 115
Tests complete: 115 of 115
Tests complete: 116 of 115
Tests complete: 117 of 115
Tests complete: 118 of 115
I think this can be reproduced creating a theory with multiple InlineData attributes. While it should count the InlineData items it just counts the theory once.


bartelink wrote Oct 9, 2014 at 1:50 PM

Hi @Blotto09

This has been logged here before and closed. The resolution was that it's not possible to count this upfront as Theory data is evaluated on the fly lazily.

The other point is this repo is no longer the official xunit repo and any relevant issues should be logged at its new home.