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Publish XUnit Nuget package for WinRT so it can be used in standard WinRT class libraries


I refer to an issue #9826 that I believe is caused by the fact that there is no way to reference XUnit from a WinRT class library other than creating a test project from XUnit WinRT test project template. This causes a build failure if such project is referenced from another XUnit WinRT test project as described in the issue 9826. Publishing XUnit as a WinRT Nuget package should make possible to import XUnit namespaces without defining a project as a WinRT Test assembly.


BradWilson wrote Mar 15, 2014 at 5:59 PM

v2 alpha build 2595 supports portable class libraries, in Profile78; meaning, it supports Desktop .NET 4.5+, Windows 8+, and Windows Phone 8+.