Console output counts wrong

When running tests, the console output has a wrong total number of tests. . . . Tests complete: 113 of 115 Tests complete: 114 of 115 Tests complete: 115 of 115 Tests complete: 116 of 115 Tests com...

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Tests with timeout attribute do not finish in TestExplorer

See s/o question:

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xUnit 2.x replacement for IUseFixture

I need to initialize my database for a bunch of tests and want to do that once for ALL my tests. It looks like for version 1.x, I would accomplish this with IUseFixture. However, IUseFixture seem...

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Update "How To Use" page with Nuget

It would be nice if the page would include nuget instructions.

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Fully Qualified Name Displayed for Theories

I am using beta 4 of Xunit and version 0.99.8 of the runner to test F# code. Unlike facts, theories are displayed with fully-qualified namespace/module names making the content of the T...

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Timeout is not respected for Async facts and theories

This test completes successfully: [Fact] public async Task WaitLongerThanTimeout() { await Task.Delay(1000); } This test never completes: [Fact(Timeout=500)] public async Task WaitLongerThanTim...

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Could not find test executor with URI 'executor://xunit/VsTestRunner2'.

Could not find test executor with URI 'executor://xunit/VsTestRunner2'. Make sure that the test executor is installed and supports .net runtime version 2.0.50727.8000. VS 2013 update2, Win 8.1 x...

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System.IO.FileNotFoundException occurred

I am using VS2012 Ultimate with Update 4 and have installed xUnit v1.9.2 with xUnit TestRunner 0.99.7. At first my tests were discovered in the VS Test Explorer and were running too but every tim...

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DataAttribute with an Enum in the constructor breaks in 2.x

This code works fine with the latest stable release from NuGet (1.9.2 as of this writing). using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Reflection; using Xunit; using Xunit.Extensions; namespac...

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Enable configurable maximum degree of parallelism

Support configuration via an assembly-level attribute, as well as via argument to the runners (command line or otherwise). Forum post:

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