Could not find test executor with URI 'executor://xunit/VsTestRunner2'.

Could not find test executor with URI 'executor://xunit/VsTestRunner2'. Make sure that the test executor is installed and supports .net runtime version 2.0.50727.8000. VS 2013 update2, Win 8.1 x...

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System.IO.FileNotFoundException occurred

I am using VS2012 Ultimate with Update 4 and have installed xUnit v1.9.2 with xUnit TestRunner 0.99.7. At first my tests were discovered in the VS Test Explorer and were running too but every tim...

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DataAttribute with an Enum in the constructor breaks in 2.x

This code works fine with the latest stable release from NuGet (1.9.2 as of this writing). using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Reflection; using Xunit; using Xunit.Extensions; namespac...

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Enable configurable maximum degree of parallelism

Support configuration via an assembly-level attribute, as well as via argument to the runners (command line or otherwise). Forum post:

Id #9920 | Release: 2.0 | Updated: Mar 22 at 9:39 PM by BradWilson | Created: Feb 6 at 6:04 PM by BradWilson

Support data from methods, fields, and properties

The existing [PropertyData] attribute could be morphed into [MemberData], and support: Static fields Static properties Static methods (with parameters) For more information, see: https://xunit....

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Support settings via VS .runsettings file

What we would really like to be able to do is use production xUnit dll's in our builds that support the ability to read a property like "/noShadowCopy" from a .runsettings file (http://msdn.microso...

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Data driven tests showing long, not short result, in VS Test runner

Discovered in 99.1. Name display set to short in VS xunit options. Used to show Capture2.jpg, now shows long Capture.jpg Update: Sorry Brad, installed runner 99.2 and still seem to get long nam...

Id #9910 | Release: Visual Studio Runner | Updated: Mar 8 at 8:44 PM by BradWilson | Created: Dec 5, 2013 at 1:38 AM by jason_r

Remove all uses of Uri to get local file paths

Using the Uri class to convert assembly code base URIs into local file paths breaks when those paths contain special URI characters; namely, the hash symbol. Remove the uses of the Uri class and wr...

Id #9907 | Release: 2.0 | Updated: Mar 22 at 9:08 PM by BradWilson | Created: Dec 3, 2013 at 2:44 PM by BradWilson

Building or running with VS creates new temp directories

Every time VS runs test discovery with the runner (VS 2013, Windows 8.1 x64; runner version 0.99.0, I get at least one new temp directory that never gets deleted. The structure of the dir...

Id #9899 | Release: 2.0 | Updated: Jan 28 at 6:48 AM by knatten | Created: Nov 21, 2013 at 5:34 PM by davidmatson

Consider making TraitAttribute non sealed

This would allow to create more specific traits that allow to support better consistency in the usage of traits. For example it would be easy to create a CategoryAttribute that already sets the tr...

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