F# test issue with VS2012


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Hey, thanks a lot for making this extension! I'm having a problem using it with tests written in FsUnit.xUnit. The problem is that F# allows to use spaces, punctuation chars in identifier names (using the double backtick syntax). To reproduce, create an "F# Console Application" project and install FsUnit.xUnit via NuGet. This will add FsUnitSample.fs with test samples to your project. (make sure you move it up over the Program.fs in solution explorer, otherwise it won't compile) The tests are visible in the test explorer, but when you try to run them you get Catastrophic failure: System.ArgumentException: Type ConsoleApplication1.Tests.Given a LightBulb that has had its state set to true.when I ask whether it is On it answers true could not be found ("Given a LightBulb that has had its state set to true" is a class name, and "when I ask whether it is On it answers true." is a method name.)
Closed Aug 24, 2013 at 6:27 PM by BradWilson
We are unable to reproduce this issue with the current version of FsUnit.xUnit ( If you can provide updated repro steps, we will look into the issue.