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This page contains an informal backlog of tasks that Brad and Jim are working on. Items are roughly in priority order as determined by the team.

Target release: 2.0 Beta
  • Move DiaSession code out of VS runner into discoverer
    • Unit testing for VS runner
  • Add support for IClassFixture<T>
  • Add support for test collections
  • Add support for ICollectionFixture<T>
  • Add support for test parallelization
    • Move execution to background threads
    • The main Run method in executor badly needs love
  • Convert TraitAttribute to ITrait, with discoverer class support for R#/CodeRush
  • Add ability to run xUnit v1 tests with xUnit v2 runner utility library
  • Finish missing features in MSBuild runner
  • Console runner
  • Add support for running Windows Store tests in container (VS2012 runner only)
  • Review outstanding bugs / pull requests for v2 applicability
  • Sensible ToString() for all test message implementations, for better debugging
  • Consider discovery-time indication of tests which are "not runnable" (i.e., incorrect ctor count, incorrect ctor args, etc.)

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