How do I install

The simplest way to use from within Visual Studio is to use NuGet. Install the xunit package into a class library project, and you're ready to write tests. For users not using Visual Studio, you can download the latest release and unzip it.

To run the tests, you will need to use a runner. provides several runners:
  • Console, MSBuild, and GUI runners are part of the latest release.
  • To run tests inside the new test runner in Visual Studio 2012, install the Runner for VS2012.
  • To run tests inside Visual Studio 2010, you can use third party tools like, CodeRush, or Resharper. requires .NET Framework 2.0 or later.


You can run the xunit.installer.exe program that is included with the distribution to enable to support for, ASP.NET MVC, and Windows Explorer.

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