How do I get the source code and compile

Get a Git Client

Download a Git client, such as:

Get the source code

Using your Git client of choice, do a clone of:
If you want help understanding and using Git, please see Introduction to Git.

Open Visual Studio solution

The 1.x code base requires Visual Studio 2010.
The 2.x code base requires Visual Studio 2012. 

Open the solution (xunit.sln). You should be able to immediately build the solution, as all external dependencies are automatically retrieved with NuGet Package Restore. If you want to run the unit tests from within Visual Studio, we strongly recommend you use

Build and run the tests from the command

For the purposes of demonstration, we will assume that you checked out the source code to C:\xUnit.

  1. Open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd.exe)
  2. Change to the directory with the source code: cd C:\xUnit
  3. Type the following command to build and run the tests: build test
  4. Ensure there are no errors at the end of the build process.

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