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Why can I only run single tests in I can't seem to run classes or files.

When this happens, it means that doesn't understand tests, and is running your tests using the built-in Ad-Hoc Runner.

This might happen for one or more reasons:
  • Did you install's support? Run xunit.installer.exe and make sure you install TD.NET support.
  • Did you recently upgrade from 1.0.x to 1.1 or later? The TD.NET runner DLL name changed. Run xunit.installer.exe and disable then re-enable TD.NET support.
  • Are you running 64-bit Windows? Make sure you're running TD.NET version 2.18 or later, as some earlier versions had an issue with 64-bit Windows.
Note that after disabling and/or enabling TD.NET support, you may need to restart Visual Studio.

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